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Gluey 2 is the sequel to an interesting game in which the player had the opportunity to get into a casual gameplay with nice features that allowed him to experience some interesting things as he got through the levels of the game. The original installment is not too far from this new one but as it usually happens, the second game is much better than the first one. Even if Gluey is still a high quality game, many would rather get directly to this one as it has more features and tends to be more interesting, too.

The game is really interesting and the aim of it is to take away all of the blobs of different colors out of the jar in order to continue to the next level. This should not be too hard, especially in the beginning, where the blobs are not in very high numbers and they do not form a complicated puzzle, either. However, the game is not just fun, as the player will also have to put in some logic in order to advance through the levels that are found in the later part of the game, where the jar is huge and there are a lot of blobs inside it.

The player will have to click on the blobs that have eyes in order to remove them. Smaller blobs cannot be removed and they will have to get in contact with other blobs of the same color in order to receive eyes and be able to get removed from the jar. There are different colors of blobs and all of them are interesting, but the player will have to pay attention to the blobs that he removes because he might find himself without anymore remaining moves and he will have to restart the level.

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