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Sharp Trigger 2 exactly tells the player what everything is about in the game and he should be ready to get into the action from the very beginning in order to accomplish all of the objectives that are featured. There will be quite a lot of them sometimes and the player has to solve different tasks along the way in order to succeed in his mission. The game is actually the sequel to the first installment of the series and the player will have the opportunity to continue the story of the first game.

It is advisable for the player to get through the first game in the beginning, in order to make himself an idea about who the character is and what he has to do, exactly. The main objective of the character is to kill all of the enemies that appear but not all of them will be as easy to kill as the first ones, because the enemies will already know that the player is coming, unlike the first ones, and they will be more prepared to launch a counter attack in order to take down the killer.

The player will be able to switch between different weapons along the way and this will be really interesting as each weapons' handling is different and not any of them is suited for every occasion that might appear. The graphics of the game are really interesting and they are drawn similar to a three dimensional universe. The game is really interesting and the player should take care as each of the enemies will have different stats in regard to the armor that he is wearing. The controls of the game are really easy to learn and it will also be easy to get through the whole game in order to advance through the story.

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