Medal of Honor
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If you wish to play a game that makes you feel like a part of a high profile Hollywood movie, then Medal of Honor is the game for you. The location of Medal of Honor is in Afghanistan and you have the mission named ‘Tire 1 Operator’ that has been developed with the help of real soldiers. The game has been designed with great care for fans of action and warfare games keeping in mind the realism of such games with some intense action sequences wrapped-up in an adventurous setting. In the beginning the game may seem simple, but in reality it is far from it.

There are a lot of features in Medal of Honor that makes it a comprehensive and interesting game to play. the main attraction of Medal of Honor is the multiplayer option that allows you to play with 24 other players at the same time. The fights are simple, but extremely intense and very adventurous. This may seem a little too easy for people who are used to more complicated action scenes, but the game play will suffice for hardcore fans of the Medal of Honor franchise.

The graphics are very realistic and very good to look at, and the sound effects create the perfect atmosphere for a war game. also, the level of realism in the game is very good and also the physics of the game are very believable. The chaotic game play with the mind blowing action will keep players hooked on to Medal of Honor. The promising multiplayer modes are a thrill to play and 24 players make the game very competitive. All in all, Medal of Honor is a stunning game to play, and although the game play may seem simple to some players, it has a lot to offer when it comes to graphics and extensive multiplayer options.

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