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Gunner 2 is an unusual game with an amazing grasp of 3D shooting that is very entertaining. There are stunning and adrenalin pumping action sequences that will have you glued to your computer in no time. The game is one of those classic shoot them all games that aims at some interesting scenarios that have been created for your benefit. There are three levels of episodes to the game that are completely different from one another.

One of the episodes is the World War 2 type, where you have olden weapons and crafts to your aid. The second type of episode involves modernized weapons and ammunition. The last kind of episode has a futuristic touch to it involving aliens and plasma weapons that you can use. The surprising part of the game is that all the targets, be it from the first episode or the third, they are all up in the air. Yes, you will have to shoot at them and fight them up in the air.

This is the challenging bit of Gunner 2, and also the feature that sets it apart from other action games out there. The graphics and the sound effects of Gunner 2 are quite good, and the detailing of the game is not bad either. The unique factor is the enemies being in the air, and this is what will keep you entertained to the maximum.

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