Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
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Download Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Be a part of the special forces called “Ghosts”, whre you can play as a third person shooter and complete the mission. The plot of Ghost Recon is set in the future, where its more of a hypothetical scenario where the weapons used by the Ghosts can be used by the military.

The plot of the game is pretty simple, it is a single player game, where your main task is to follow the trail of an attack placed on other Ghost teams and try and your aim is to join the dots of the attack and either arresting or rescuing the characters.

There are variations in what you must do to accomplish and complete each mission. Say for example in some missions you need to resort to direct fire, in others the catch lies in not being visible to the opposing forces, and sometimes you need to administer complete silence to get through.

The equipment given along with the recommended path must be used at all times so as to have maximum advantage and move forward. Your team mates are directed by the game itself, so giving direct orders is not an option. You can however give them cover fire or hold simultaneous take downs. You need to use the other Ghost teams in the game as sometimes this is the only way you will be able to clear levels.

The graphics are commendable, and the Ghost teams have a distinct style, that is not copied by the enemies making them easy to distinguish. Ghost recon comes packed with a lot of environment effects for visual stimulation.

Experience points will help you unlock weapons and also completing single player tasks will lead to unlocking of weapon parts. If team combat is your thing, then ghost recon: future soldier is the game for you!

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