Download Dadi vs Jellies for PC Windows

Dadi vs Jellies for PC Windows can provide an extremely entertaining gaming experience to all its android users who can instantly relate with it because of its premise, pitching in an adorable grandmother as the hero of the plot. She is the only one who has the power to save the world from rampaging and marauding bunch of jellies by making full use of her home made weapons along with power-ups.

The eclectic mix of weapons that the granny wields in her battle against jellies is among the cutest parts of Dadi vs Jellies for PC Windows. The weapons are mostly homemade stuff or items of household use such as the Chappal of Death, Cricket Gun, Gramophone, KitchenZooka, and much more. Players can opt for some of the other weapons in order to help this Dadi including a Loyal Dog, Kulfis, Patakas, and the ever so deadly Dadi’s Scream.

This game allows its players to upgrade their defenses, as well as, the weapons and collect power-ups to help Dadi in her battle against devilish jellies. Moreover, players can play to unlock new achievements and share them with friends on Facebook while also sending them steaming cups of Chai that comes in handy. Go grab it today from bluestack app player.

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