Download TK Flipper

TK Flipper is a pinball game that you will definitely enjoy. Pinball games are designed in an arcade manner, just like their real life counterparts, and the objective is the same. Using one or multiple balls, depending on their settings, you will have to achieve the maximum possible score in order to place it on the leader board. It will not be always easy as you will have to pay attention to where the ball will go, and if the ball moves fast you will need good reflexes in order to flip the paddles and hit the ball in order to send it again towards the points area.

TK Flipper looks really nice because of the graphics that are designed in a futuristic manner. The blueish color of the elements in the game looks really nice and you will surely enjoy it. The obstacles added into the arena are also really interesting and you will have to pay attention to all of them as some of them are harder to get past in order to get to the points area. You can also play this game in multi player in order to give you friends a good challenge to play in.

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