Download The Insanity Box 2

The Insanity Box 2 is the perfect solution for players that want to try something different, unique, and that only takes up a small part of the computer. In order to find something that meets all of the requirements, the players should first look out for a Flash game and there is one just here. The Insanity Box 2 is designed in Flash and it provides quality content for those that want a small adventure combined with action elements and not only. This way, the player has the possibility to play in order to have fun at short intervals.

The game, overall, is not hard to play, but the player will have to put his brain at work in order to discover all of the objectives that must be met in each puzzle and not only, if he wants to get through the story. This story is built in an interesting way and the player will be able to get through various puzzle games that allow him to exercise his mind. However, the story mode is not really mandatory, because in the free mode, the player still has the opportunity to play some different mini games.

However, only a full progress through the career mode allows the player to get access to every game that is actually available in the game and he should participate in this career mode if he wants to find out everything that is featured in the game. There are all sorts of interesting elements that are really nice and the story is not something that is too strong. There is a non playable character that will allow the player to get through the game and he will also provide different indications during the new levels of the game, so the player will be able to learn new different things.

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