Download Santa Rockstar: Metal Xmas 2

The second installment in the great series of head banging and metal singing allows the player to have a lot of fun as he tries to reach the perfect score on the songs of the game. Each of these songs will provide a powerful challenge for the player and all of them are great, allowing the maximum amount of fun. There are different levels in the game and they will be great, allowing for replay ability if the player wants to enjoy the game even more. Each of the levels of difficulty allows the player to play all of the songs in a unique manner.

The first level of difficulty will only feature three guitar strings and they will allow the player to get used with such gameplay in the beginning. It is probable that the player will not reach for the end of the easy career until he hops to the medium difficulty level. However, this is not a disadvantage, because this is actually the aim of the game, to become perfect on the hardest difficulty level. It will be pretty interesting to play the games in the hardest difficulty level, because this mode features all of the five strings and this gameplay is really enjoyable.

There are more than ten different songs that are available for a play through and the player can choose to start the career mode in order to get from the first to the last one, in three different series. These features replicate the ones that are present in Guitar Hero series, and a game like Santa Rockstar: Metal Xmas 2 is perfect because it is designed in Flash and allows the player to enjoy the virtual guitar strumming as much as possible with the lowest amount of requirements that come from such a game.

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