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Poker Night at the Inventory 2 has definitely reinvented the game of Poker. It succeeds in simulating the feel of chatting away with your friends around a round table while playing a game of poker. To give a more realistic appeal, the game simulates bad poker players. It does not try to reinvent poker with new and difficult rules; in fact it is very easy to win. The main highlight of the game is its characters. They are well defined and lovable. By the end of the first level, the gamer would surely have made friends with them.

In Poker Night at the Inventory 2, the characters have unique style and mannerisms, and they are more realistic. For instance, when Ash – one of your opponents – taps his fingers it doesn't always mean that he is bluffing. He might just be thinking that he has a weak hand or he might be doing it to make you think that he is bluffing. This approach makes it seam real and very interesting. The game also has tutorials to guide the people who are new to poker. As you win the hand, you will receive tokens which can be used to unlock themed chips, tokens and backdrops.

The best thing about Poker Night at the Inventory 2 is the fact that there are sets waiting to be activated, and once done, they enable bonus conversations that relates to the theme. Poker Night at the Inventory 2 is an easy to play poker game and is designed for amateurs as well as seasoned poker gamers. With witty conversations and fleshed out characters, this game promises to be a fantastic experience for all.

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