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Omega Race 2009 is a shooter based on vector, and is largely based on the game called Asteroids. The game is unusual in its presentation and you will have the score, your life and all the details in the center of the screen, laid out in a box. The action in the game revolves around the outer side of the box. Your ship is very versatile and there are a lot of functions that it can function, like rotating, thrusting and also bouncing off walls. You have a pea-shooter gun to aim at your enemies and kill them in one go in a successful manner.

Omega Race 2009 is in no way easy as you have a lot of enemies coming at you in one go. If you are a huge fan of the old school retro games, then Omega Race 2009 will entertain you to the fullest extent. You have three lives, but no saves. This makes the game very authentic and challenging. Also, you can gain more lives by reaching some goals over time. The controls are a little tricky to get used to when you try to thrust and turn your ship, but once you get used to them the controls get fairly simple to use.

Omega Race 2009 is very faithful to the games of the same genre, and there are no modern installations like saving progress, or saving your life, and you will find it pretty tough as there are no difficulty settings in the game either. However, for fans of this genre of gaming, Omega Race 2009 is a haven of opportunity and fun like never before. The controls are precise and you will not have to try too hard. The challenges make the game very intense and may put off players who are used to more modern looking installations in games.



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