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Ninja Dogs is a game that was probably inspired by the well known Angry Birds game. In that game, the birds were angry, as the title says, because their eggs had been stolen by the pigs that want to destroy their territorry. A war started between these two factions and the birds managed to beat down the pigs all the time, with the aid of the human player that controlled the birds using the slingshot. The story and the game play of Ninja Dogs is not too different from Angry Birds and fans of the genre will defintely enjoy it as much as they enjoyed the birds game.

The dogs are blasted with the aid of a powerful cannon and the player will be able to set two important parameters of the weapon. He will be able to set the angle at which the weapon will shoot and also the speed that the dog will have when he is launched. These factors will be really important when it comes to the place in which the dogs will hit the fortification of the enemy and using a good combination between the two elements will allow the player to maximize the effect of the bomb. There is also a limited number of ninja dogs that can be used each level.

Also, there are quite a few levels in which the player will be able to compete in order to get through the game and defeat the cats. These are the enemies of the dogs and they will have to be defeated in order to rescue the kidnapped dogs. These pups were stolen by the evil cats when the other ninja dogs were training in another location and the player will have to help the dogs to retrieve their pups by destroying the cats that are appearing at every fortification, and there are a lot of fortifications on the way to the big castle.

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