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Goin Up is a game with a concept that was encountered a lot in the past retro installments of the arcade arenas in which players had a lot of fun while they tried to achieve the best scores and keep the game running for as much as possible. However, even if the arcade arenas are not too popular now like they were in the past, people might still want to have fun with some nice games that are still really interesting. These games are really good because they allow the player to have a lot of fun in a short time.

The game is built as a vertical scrolling action game and this is a great genre because the action is usually fast paced and the player has the opportunity to play a level or two in a short amount of time because such games are not designed to be time consuming. In Goin Up, the player will not have to control a space ship or something like this, but instead he will have to take control of a weird monsters that want to reach as up as possible, even if he does not know for sure if there is an end to his quest.

However, along the way there are a lot of weird enemies and all of them will ultimately try to kill the demon that is ascending, but he can also fight back and along with the player that can help him, the creature will surely be able to get rid of all of the enemies that appear. Sometimes, bosses spawn in the air and they will provide the toughest battles but if the player is prepared and has good reflexes, he will be able to get rid of the enemy with ease, even if it is a normal monster or a powerful boss.

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