Download Angry Birds Star Wars for Windows 8

If you have been waiting for an upgrade to your favorite Angry Birds game for your Windows 8 computer, then here it is! Also, it comes packed with the world of Star Wars and the Jedi. The premise of the game and the game play remains the same- you still have to target the pigs and aim the angry birds at them. What has changes is that the entire world of the Star Wars has been inculcated into the game. if you are a fan of both the franchises, then Angry Birds Star Wars for Windows 8 is a double treat for you!

The characters in this game of Angry Birds are pictured in a way that the characters from the Star Wars Rebellion are played by the Angry Birds and the Pigs are played by characters from the Empire. The various levels of the game are very challenging and the game play is widely influenced by the Star Wars movie franchise in a way that the birds have super powers where they play like the Jedi, like the Force powers. However, when you lay it out to the bare minimum, the game is still the same where the birds are to be shot at pigs. Only it is dressed up in a way so as to appeal to the Star Wars fans.

There are a series of cool levels and challenges set in different themes and backgrounds. The graphics are very amazing keeping in mind the Star Wars theme and the challenges are pretty tough to complete. There are not too many surprising factors in the game, and no real changes besides the addition of the new theme, however, if you have been a fan of the Angry Birds, then Angry Birds Star Wars for Windows 8 will surely appeal to your senses.

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