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Zeno Clash II, the grand sequel of the unique and wonderfully absurd Zeno Clash game, is filled with moments of pugilistic insanity. But, the game won’t be as fondly remembered as its predecessor. It is a familiar epic journey where one has to defeat the bad Golem and save the world. You travel the world by land and sea meeting strange creatures and punching a few. You need to pass through evil monolithic houses of the Golem, past the angry shrimp people and dead lands filled with horrifying animated statues.

Things get bigger with Zeno Clash II, with broader narratives, bigger monsters and wider worlds, but the journey seems a bit turbulent. The plot gets confusing and the vast array of characters is simply a vanity, they only exist to move the confused plot forward. As you delve deep into the game, there would be times when you might freeze and gawk at a gigantic statue or an impossible structure. Grabs, stuns, throws, kicking and ramming can be easily pulled off without hammering the key board. Tutorials can be exploited if you fail to recall a particular combo. The game can be played in first person perspective, and is only fit for one-on-one battles. The brawls with multiple enemies are awful. With limited FOV and poor hit detection mechanism, you will never know when you are hit.

The world of Zeno Clash II is wonderful, but with poor characterization it begins to lose its charm. The only worthwhile characters are the Golem and of course Ghat, the protagonist. Zeno Clash II disappoints when compared to its predecessor but still manages to impress the gamers.

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