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Synapsis 2 is the sequel to the first game in the series and this time the adventure seems to be even better than in first place. However, in order to be fully enjoyable, the player should also get through the first game in order to find out everything that happened and everything that is about to happen in the rest of the story. The player will be then able if the story manages to receive a happy end of if the character will still remain and struggle for the rest of his life.

The first game took the player through an awakening story after he recovered from a weird trauma that he has no idea about. However, this is not the worst thing about his life - he is in a place that he knows nothing about and he will have to escape from it, but it will not be that easy because he has no idea about anything that surrounds him. In this game, he manages to get in something that resembles an apartment room but everything is surreal and the player might be confused about what are the real things and what are not.

It will be sometimes hard to find out everything in the story, but being a point and click adventure game will make the things somehow easier, as the player will be able to freely explore everything that happens in each room. Each level has a weird name and sometimes, it will be difficult to discover if it is a real link between the name and something in the level, but there are definitely links between these elements. There are quite a lot of levels through which the character will have to slowly move in order to finish the awakening process, if this is real, at least

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