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The ninja is on the run and he will have to move perfectly in order to become the best. He is a well known ninja but he seems to have messed with the wrong people as now there are a lot of enemies who are chasing the ninja. It seems that a bounty might have been put on his head because he has a really hard time getting through the enemies that appear - it seems that all of them are really determined to kill the ninja and he will have to run for his life.

But a real ninja cannot only run from the danger, he will also have to face every enemy that appears and in order to advance he will have to kill everyone. There is no other way around and the player must be prepared for all sorts of things that might await him on the way to freedom. Chasing this ideal is not impossible, but it will definitely be a long way until he manages to get to the end of the line and realize that he is, indeed, a free person, and he is not troubled by the ones that were chasing him.

The ninja can use a range of different attacks in order to take down his enemies and he will also be able to learn more attacks on his way because nobody is perfect and he can also learn as he progresses. He will actually be required to do so because the enemies that will come later in the game are very powerful because they have trained a lot just for this mission. The game will also feature a few tips in the beginning, when the player will have to learn the basics of the movement and attacking, but afterwards he will be on his own.

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