Download NoNoSparks: Genesis

NoNoSparks: Genesis is a nice game designed in Flash that will allow the players to have some fun while they solve some interesting puzzles. This game will train the brain as the player solves the puzzles that are given, but they will have an increasing difficulty level and the player might have to struggle at some points of the game. The puzzles in this game are really interesting, and they are designed in a minimalist way, there are some small blocks that are included in a larger block and that is the place in which everything takes place and where everything must be solved.

Some pointers and instructions are also given on the sides of the big block and they will come in handy as the player tries to solve everything that must be done in order to progress to the next level. It should not be too hard, at least in the beginning of the game where the blocks are pretty simple, but for a trained player, the future levels should not be a problem, either. Everything uses the same principle and if the player gets the hang of it, it will not be a problem in the future and everything will go along pretty nice.

There are a series of mandatory tutorials that will be featured in the beginning of the game and they will definitely help the player in order  to solve the rest of the puzzles. As the game progresses there will appear some new sorts of blocks and their properties will be listed in the bottom area of the screen. Then, the player will be able to understand what they are supposed to do and he will be able to use them in this manner. It will be a real pleasure to solve all of these puzzles.

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