Download Nancy Drew: Final Scene

Nancy Drew: Final Scene is the fifth game of the series and stays true to the charm of the same. Once again the gamer gets to don the role of Nancy and investigate the mysterious kidnapping of her friend Maya, who disappears from the Royal Palladium Theater,  where Maya and she went to watch a movie. As you step into the game, you would get to be a part of the mystery, one that would test your detective skills to its core.

Royal Palladium Theater has once been the center stage for great magicians but is soon going to close down after premiering a biggie. This is when all things go haywire and Maya disappears from backstage. The game doesn't have a great storyline as the other Nancy Drew stories, but boasts of a great soundtrack, one which heightens the intensity and the suspense. The graphics of the game is nothing compared to some of the recent games, but is not disappointing either. The game comes loaded with puzzles and is worth all the effort.

Nancy Drew: Final Scene is a much shorter game when compared to other sleuth games or the other Nancy Drew stories. Once the investigation picks up speed, you would be glued to your system all the more. As you embark upon the mission of locating your friend Maya, you would get to know a lot about the history of the theater.  It is a good adventure, one which would be much appreciated by the Nancy Drew fans all round the globe. Finally, Nancy Drew: Final Scene has got it all that takes to make an interesting and engaging detective story. The game is fun to play and includes deep characters. This is what makes Nancy Drew: Final Scene a good game to lay hands upon.

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