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Lynn Love will be the main character of the game with the same name and the player will be the one that will have to control her while she struggles to escape the kingdom in which she is trapped. Feeling Village is a more exact location of Lynn Love and from here, she will have to go to the border of the kingdom in order to escape - the border might be near but a lot of disasters are now happening around here and these will definitely make things more difficult, so the girl will need all of the possible help in order to succeed in her journey.

The game will start right from the room of Lynn Love, from which she will have to leave in her journey and the player will quickly notice that the game will be played as a horizontal scrolling platformer. The movement is done from left to right and the player will be able to see a lot from the current area in order to see what move he should do next in order to be successful. There will be obstacles right from the very beginning and she will have to find a way to deal with them.

There are also different characters in the game that can interact with Lynn Love and some of them will actually give her a helping hand, while others might laugh at her misfortune, joking about her futile attempt to leave the village and the kingdom. But the girl is determined to save herself from the doom that will come soon and she will do everything that is possible in order to do this. And the player will be the one that will have to help her in order for Lynn to achieve everything that she must do to leave this village.

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