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Pandora's Box is just a great mythical element, or is it? In this game, the player will find this out, along with the hero that he controls towards the ultimate quest, that of discovering the Pandora Box. However, the hero of this game was absolutely not prepared for what was about to come into his life. He simply lived his life in a peaceful village, but this location soon proved to be something else than he expected. And it all started from a newspaper. His master did not receive the newspaper one day and sent the young man in the village to find out why.

If this was not weird, then the disappearance of people of the village surely is. They do not disappear in a certain manner, it seems like whoever takes them has no preference at all. This is the moment in which the hero decides that he has to investigate these disappearances, and he is definitely aware of the fact that it will be dangerous, considering the fact that people disappeared suddenly, without any warnings or clues that might point to someone.

The hero will go in a long adventure in which he will have to prove that he is a good listener, a tough fighter but also a bright minded person, because he will not succeed, otherwise. It will be pretty difficult to get through some enemies but the motivation that he has, to save the disappeared people, is too big for him to quit the quest. He will receive some aid in his journey but he will also have to help the people that lend him a hand. However, they will not have too difficult tasks and it might be quite a pleasure to work with them in order to have fun in these dark times.

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