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Knightmare Tower is a nice combination of an adventure game with a role playing one, and these two genres create a great combination from which this title appeared and it will be a pleasure to get through it. There is a nice story added to the game and this adds up a lot to the value of it, even if it is a freeware installment. The game is really nice and every player will enjoy getting through it and until the end, he will definitely immerse into the world of the character and he will surely want to see the story taken to an end in order to save all of the girls that are trapped.

The game has ten levels and each of the levels corresponds to a girl that must be saved. Surprisingly, the ten girls are sisters and they have been abducted at once, but you will only have the opportunity to save them one at a time. However, the evil boss will wait for you in order to test every ability that you might have and you will have to prove that you are the best knight in the whole kingdom

And you will be rewarded. At the end of each level you will receive points, depending on your abilities. You will be able to see your stats and depending on them you will receive money. With the money you will be further able to purchase different upgrades to your character - a better armor, a better weapon or faster moving speed. There are different upgrades that can be used and along the ten levels of the game all of them will prove worthy. They will also be necessary at one point in the game, because it will not be as easy in the and as it was in the beginning of the game.

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