Download Imagia 1: The Tower

Imagia 1 is the first installment in the Imagia series and even if it not might seem like much, it actually manages to provide a quality gameplay for its players that will definitely enjoy the features that are present in the game. First of all, players should know that this game is built as a point and click adventure game that will definitely be enjoyable by the gamers that are into this genre. However, even new comers might try to exercise their skills in this game in order to find out how good are they to find items and use them in order to achieve different objectives that are required by the the game.

Each room has an exit point but in order to be able to access this point, the player will have to accomplish different objectives that might be required in that certain lvel. However, the player will be informed each time about what he has to do and he will be able to figure the solution pretty fast, especially if he also has some skill to accompany him throughout the game. Even if the necessary skills lack from the ones that he should have, the player is still able to make it through the game if he follows the walkthrough that is featured in the menu of the game. However, it should not become a habit because the fun of the game will be spoiled.

Other than that, the players should kno about the graphics of the game, which also look really nice, even if the game is designed in Flash and it only manages to offer basic graphical elements – the developers managed to do quite a good job in order to create an intriguing play space that players will definitely enjoy as they get through it.

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