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Download Erie

Polish up your investigative skills as you are going to need them! Erie is set in the 1966, where there has been an incident at the power generator plant, and you have been called to investigate. There are survivors in the meltdown, you are required to rescue them and also find out the reason for the meltdown.

You will be equipped with the necessary items that you need to complete the game, but you will have to find them as the game progresses. Erie is a pretty long game with various twists and turns in the plot, thug going on and on for a very long period of time. The visuals of the game are very advanced, making the experience all the more terrifying. There is also a very important perk which is that you can spray paint the location that you have already been to so as to avoid wasting time in the future.

You will never be alone in this game as it comes loaded with scary creatures that have been the result of the meltdown. The game has a number of great scares and chills that will leave you gasping for breath. The game makes excellent use of sound effects to its advantage creating a thrilling yet terrifying atmosphere that completely sucks you in. there are a number of shocks that keep popping up, leaving you barely any time to steady your nerves.

The movement of the characters may be a little too fast, but the blurry effect that it comes with makes the entire experience very tense. This is a great game for people who enjoy horror games and like being spooked with a historical touch to it. What can be scarier that a number of foul and gross creatures let loose in a power generator plant, right?

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