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Dragons and Dungeons is a Flash game that will bring in a lot of features that will probably amaze a lot of the players that will dare to try this game. The gameplay of this installment is a really nice adventure that will allow the player to make good use of the role playing features that he might have learned from other games, too. The main element of the game is the quest which will be revealed soon after the game starts. But until there, the player will have the opportunity to choose whether he wants to play a male or a female character.

Afterwards, he will start the journey and soon enough, the player will discover that this is not an usual journey like he might have expected. This game does not simply use the point and click methods in order to provide the action of the game, it also brings in something much more interesting that was used in the early games, when graphics definitely did not matter. The game is a text based adventure that will really challenge the player as one wrong choice might mean the end of his journey and even worse, his life.

There are some common sense decisions that can be taken there but some other challenges require some logical thinking in order to find out the better answer. However, the player is assured that every time will be a good answer, but getting to know it will take a while and it will require the player to pay attention to past actions of the game in order to see how to deal with the current ones. Overall, Dragons and Dungeons is a great Flash game that requires some skill in order to be played, because it uses the fine art of the text based gaming.

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