Download A New Beginning: Final Cut

A New Beginning: Final Cut is aimed at gamers who are fond of sci-fi thrillers and fancy the idea of time travel. The game competes with some of the best adventure games in the genre and proves to be worth the price that it’s available at. It has been developed by Daedalic Entertainment and portrays a bleak future of the planet. Much like any adventure game these days, A New Beginning: Final Cut portrays mankind standing close to extinction being threatened by a solar flare.

In A New Beginning: Final Cut, the people of the planet have decided to save themselves by opting for the past. As you step into the game, you would see people resorting to algae (you read that right), instead of nuclear fuel or oil. The game may seem a bit weird at times but it does have its moments when you would love every bit of it. The game seems to be dealing with a complex and grave subject as climate change, and may or may not appeal to you. However, it is nothing like the other adventure games around and is certainly worth a try.

A New Beginning: Final Cut boasts of good puzzles. These are logical and at times the gamer would have to work hard in order to find an answer. The game boasts of good artwork and would indeed appeal in terms of visuals. The game has been meticulously designed and brings out the hard work that has gone into the same. All this makes A New Beginning: Final Cut a good game to lay hands upon.

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