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Zombie Stalker is probably one of the games that have the highest quality level when it comes to Flash, and this thing must really be appreciated. The game is completely free but this does not mean that it does not provide good elements that will allow the player to enjoy the story and all of the other elements that build up this game. Everything has been carefully designed in order for the player to enjoy the game at maximum and this will be really interesting - for those that want a quick round of zombie killing or even more, this game is perfect.

The beginning of the game will show the hero that will have to escape from a building and then make a run to the evacuation spot. However, this spot seems to be pretty far away from his location so he will have to find the perfect route in order to avoid the zombies that appear and also kill the ones that are too buggy. And the latter ones will be plenty, unfortunately. However, the hero will be able to find a lot of ammo on the way and he seems to be really skilled when it comes to using weapons.

Using melee weapons or killing with the bare hands is not recommended and this is the reason for which the character does not use such moves, because he might be in the danger of getting bit, and this is definitely the last think that he wants to happen. It will be a really interesting adventure because things will happen at a fast pace and there will be no time for

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