Download Zombie at the Gates

According to this game, it seems that zombies are not a new invention and this time they are also present in medieval times. They will be much more interesting than in the usual games because nobody ever tried to create such a game before - all of the developers used the idea that the zombies are a new creation or that they will probably appear in the future, but nobody thought that they might have existed but they were destroyed by the medieval knights that created some well defensed areas from which they were able to attack.

This is exactly the type of game that many would not have expected, but it is really great and it is definitely worth at least a try. The game provides some great features when it comes to weapon building and it will allow the player to create some unique weapons in order to fight off this weird infection that has allowed the dead to come back at life in a monstrous form, making them to kill others in order to turn them into zombies, too. The game is designed in Flash but it still manages to provide a good gameplay for some time, as it will not always be easy as one, two, three to kill the zombies.

However, for every killed zombie, the player will receive points and he will then be able to use these points to create upgrades that will prove to be really useful to the castle that he has. These upgrades can be used for the armor of the castle or for the weaponry, in order to destroy the enemies with more ease. There are a lot of goodies in the shop and all of them are really interesting, but a player should explore them all in order to have fun.

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