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Zeno Clash is a classic action game that cleverly combines shooting and combating skills in order to defeat your enemies and emerge victorious. The training session in Zeno Clash is unique as it takes place in your dream when you are unconscious. This training session will teach you man-to-man combative skills, that will help you in defeating your enemies. Also, before the fight starts, the computer will announce that the fight is about to commence and then you will enter the fight mode.

The environment of Zeno Clash is quite stunning and the graphics compliment the game fully. There is a huge world that you get to explore that is filled with fantasy creatures and the detailing of the land is admirable. The challenging part of Zeno Clash is that the enemies will approach you in groups and this will make the fighting quite strenuous and difficult. However, the controls are simple and this will make fighting a little bit of a relief as you will be able to concentrate on the fight and not on complicated controls. The multiple opponents will test your motor skills and swift movements where you have to duck, jump, slide and also switch opponents to win the fight.

Zeno Clash has its pro and cons like all other action games. Sometimes the environment may seem repetitive and also monotonous, but the target is the fights and this gives the game a satisfying feel to it. The background story of Zeno Clash is quite believable and engaging, and you will feel instantly connected to the character and the plot of the game. Zeno Clash is a refreshing change from mindless shooting games with the combative style of the game. however, the restricted movement and the scripted feel to the game may put some players off, but besides that, Zeno Clash is a very challenging game.



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