Ultraviolet Dawn

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People have always been thrilled by the thoughts of flying through space in customized battleships and fighting off attackers. Sad Cat Software brings them the next best thing: Ultraviolet Dawn. Ultraviolet Dawn is a highly interesting and adventurous space game which strains the player’s skills and tests his/her cool. It involves the player flying around in a virtual space environment in a spaceship and doing, literally, whatever he/she feels like doing. The player can choose from a bunch of activities and choose to be whatever he/she wants. Exploration is all that is to be done.

Ultraviolet Dawn is basically a strategy game where the player can hold any profile. He can be a trader who spends his time trading and travelling from one planet to another. He can also be a bounty hunter who roams freely in search of bounty. He can also choose to be a bandit who attacks traders’ ships and captures goods or even a smuggler who likes to keep it quiet.

The game has been able to capture the attention of gamers all over the world mainly due to the following reasons:
● no definite objective: the player can move around the neighbourhood either trading and earning or even sneak around with ideas of capturing wealthy merchant ships,
● a large collection of ships to choose from and an array of weapons to wield,
● upgrades can be made to the spaceships and accordingly the speed and firepower will be upgraded.

Once the game begins it promises the player a sheer joyride. With seatbelts on and enough firepower tucked in, the player gets ready to face whatever comes in its way. Ultraviolet Dawn takes space warfare to a whole new level. Fast ships, state-of-the-art weapons and an intelligent trading system tell the player early on about the treat he is in for.