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Trigger Knight is a wonderful adventure that will put the player in the shoes of a mighty character that will have to go a long way in order to find out all the required elements that are vital for him. He will have to work out different strategies in order to discover all of the aspects that might come around and he will also have to develop a fighting skill that will aid him in the battle - the lands are dangerous and people are attacking each other for different reasons and definitely, the main character of this game will not make an exception.

The tutorial of the game is pretty long and it will explain in depth all of the aspects that a player must know if he wants to succeed in battle. The first aspect that is covered is regarding the movements, as there are some special combinations even at this chapter, allowing the player to slide or to move faster for a short amount of time. Further, the game's tutorial covers the fighting aspect that allows the player to defeat the enemy, but a good attacking strategy is useless if the character is not able to defend himself, because sooner or later, the enemy will still hit him.

The player will have to pay attention to the instructions that are featured if he wants to succeed in battle and he will greatly benefit from this aspects. Potions are really useful to give the player more strength or health, depending on the potion's type. Every bonus that can be found in the game will prove to be useful, especially if the bosses are met in fight and the player does not have enough power to do it by himself, without a little bit of help from some special items.

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