Download Toys vs Nightmares

Toys vs Nightmares is a good game that deserves at least a play through for the fans of this genre. If someone might not already see what the game is about, then everyone should know that this game is built in the style of Plants vs Zombies but there is a twist this time and the player will have to control a bunch of toys in order to get rid of the nightmares that are approaching. The theme of the game is very interesting and in order to add up to the gameplay, the action of the game takes place inside a child's room.

Recently, he has been having nightmares, just as any other person, but he is really afraid and wants a solution in order to get rid of them. However, there is no viable solution from his parents that do not believe him about the realness of the nightmares that he has so he has no hope. However, it seems that not only nightmares have the possibility of getting in real life, but also the toys that are in his room. These toys have a serious mission and they will have to protect the child fro mall of the nightmares.

The nightmares have all kinds of forms and the player will have to destroy every monster that appears. Every monster that is destroyed by the player will give him some bonus points and these points can be later used in order to receive certain upgrades. The room is big enough for different rows of toys to be added and as the player gets through the levels he will also be able to add better toys to the defense line in order to destroy all of the nightmares that appear. This should not be too hard, ultimately, and the player will enjoy the game.

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