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The Pyro Guy is a pretty hot game that will definitely be enjoyed by the gamers that want a small piece of arcade fun in order to blast away some enemies. There are pyromaniacs in this world and they definitely do not do something that is to admire, because settings things on fire is nothing cool at all. However, in this game it is really great to do it and if someone feels the need to do so, he should definitely play The Pyro Guy and let aside the bad thoughts, because he might end up in trouble.

However, in this game, settings the things on fire is actually the only way to avoid trouble, because the bad guys are chasing the main character and he needs to make a run for it. However, ha has to either kill them or prevent them from advancing and approaching him and the only way to do this is by lighting different stuff on fire. Some of the items will burn on their own while others will trigger chain reactions that will make the things even more interesting, both for the main character, who will receive bonus points for these combos, and for the bad guys that will assist to one last great fireworks show.

The game has a good amount of levels in which the hero will have to find the perfect way to trap the bad guys using flames. And there are, thankfully, a lot of different objects in the levels which can be lit on fire in order to have some fun. The effects of the fire look pretty great, despite the game being designed in Flash. The textures are not complex, they are pretty simple but they allow the player to focus more on the actual gameplay and the actions that must be done.

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