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An assassin is the main character of the game and he will be the one controlled by the player. The game's title seems to be a mock up of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, especially because the character is also equipped with a chainsaw and this will be his weapon throughout the game - it is upgrade-able, of course, but he will not be able to change to anything else. Actually, he might not even want to do such a thing, considering the fact that he will prove to be quite a good handler of the mentioned chainsaw.

The chainsaw is a powerful weapon but it must also be used against the right enemies in order to destroy them, and thankfully, there are a lot of them in the game, meaning that the player will have to overheat the chainsaw many times in order to kill all of the monsters that appear. It seems like the character, who is a robot, used a teleporter but he did not manage to arrive in the expected place. Instead, he entered a weird fairy world that is far from what he would have expected. But he cannot remain trapped in here, so he must find a way out of there.

The other teleporter of this world is far from his initial location so he will have to travel through the foreign lands in order to reach for it. This will not be too easy, because the monsters have already felt the presence of the robot and they will come and try to kill him. There will be a large number of monsters along the way but the player must find a way to kill them all - and this can be done in two ways, by upgrading the chainsaw or by learning better and more destructive skills.

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