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The world is full of modern action games. Over the last few years, these have only been about planting bombs, dishing out death, destroying hideouts and capturing enemy lands. However, Tactical Intervention has proved to be different from the shooter’s that seem to have been inspired by Call of Duty series. The game seems evolutionary and boasts of a good gameplay. It doesn't have great graphics but manages to impress all owing to its action sequences.

Those who have been fans of action games for far too long, they would surely know the difference between games like Battlefield 1942 and Call of Duty. Tactical Intervention would help you relive the action which was a staple diet for the gamers during the days of Counter-Strike and Battlefield 1942. The game has quite a few hiccups including an ordinary UI, but the sheer joy of going through the pace of the same, would give you a sense of satisfaction. The game is a hub of many in-game mechanics which spice up things for Tactical Intervention. Containing hostages can be fun and the game would give you a chance of experiencing it.

In the mission mode of Tactical Intervention, the gamers would get to contain hostages or fight it out with another team to lay claim on hostages (as they count as points). There are endless things that can be done in Tactical Intervention and all those make it all the more interesting. It is an ambitious little game certainly worth having a go at.

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