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Syndicate is developed by Starbreeze Studios and was released in the early part of 2012. It is a classic PC game which has been modernized and turned into an amazing first person action game. The game resembles most of the modern day action games and doesn’t boast something otherworldly. Yet, Syndicate manages to make an impression and comes across as a welcome change. In here, the gamers get to be protagonist of the story and are held hostage inside a facility.

The game picks up speed when the gamer frees himself and goes on a rampage. The game doesn’t boast of a great story but scores in terms of action. Syndicate boasts of 6-7 hours of gameplay and is quite gripping at times. There are times when the game would seem to have borrowed heavily from Deus Ex. The gamers would get to be cyborg agents with the best technology up their sleeve. The in- game breaching element adds charm to the game as almost everything can be breached and made to work in your favor.The gamer has a DART 6 chip installed which gives him the DART vision. By using this technology, he would be able to see through walls.

Syndicate could have been much better, but it still manages to woo us in its present form. The single- player and the co-op mode do justice to the gameplay and hold the plot together. The game allows up to 4 players to team up and take part in a campaign of 9 missions with varied level of difficulty. All this makes Syndicate a good value for money and certainly worth a try.

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