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Star Trek Elite Force II is sure based on Star Trek series but, is much different from the original story. In fact, had Star Trek Elite Force II or the original Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force, been anything like the series, they would not have appealed to the masses. Why so? Well, Star Trek series was a good show but it sure lacked the punch. Star Trek was more about finding diplomatic solutions. This is where Star Trek Elite Force II and its previous self are completely different. The developers wanted to give the gamers a Star Trek feel and at the same time, brew the game as a full scale first person shooter.

Star Trek Elite Force II is a well rounded shooter and is mostly set in the Enterprise. This is the reason that the developers have done away with the Voyager tag. The gamer would get to play as Alex Munro, leader of a hazard team. The game begins when the hazard team is disassembled after a dangerous yet successful mission and the protagonist is relegated to a teaching post. However, the game picks up speed when Captain Picard notices him and reassembles the Tuvok hazard team.

Star Trek Elite Force II has the same Star Trek feel, only it includes a lot more gun fight. It has a good plot and boasts of some amazing twists. The story is about the discovery of alien life form on a ravaged Federation starship. This is where the gamer and his skilled team would be deployed. The various puzzles and surprises keep Elite Force II interesting all the time. The game is much like the other shooting games as Half-Life and Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, but it sure has enough originality and variety to impress the masses on its own. This is what makes the game so special.

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