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Star Defender 4 is exactly what its name suggests. The story is woven around a human hero who attempts to save the entire mankind from the evil, ferocious Insectus. The game is replete with loads of action and brainstorming elements which makes it a must have for all. The galaxy has never appeared so thrilling and challenging, as it does in the enthralling environment of Star Defender 4. Star Defender 4 makes it all the more adventurous and exciting by letting you play in the backdrop of the galaxy, in the Milky Way.

With more than 100 levels to keep the players gripped, Star Defender 4 is filled with exciting content at its best. It is true that there are many games which dish out similar stuff but none of them match the sheer spectacle churned out by Star Defender 4. Exploring the deadly asteroids and dealing with the two-legged monsters has never felt so splendid! This sci-fi game undoubtedly makes you feel like a part of some super sci-fi movie, fighting the evil aliens to save humanity. The jet fighter moves are amazing & the environment is just perfect, filling in all the requirements for a game of such genre.

Developer Awen Studio has done a brilliant job by coming up with such an exciting game. The best thing about Star Defender 4 is the fact that, it is fairly easy to play and has features galore to keep the gamers busy. It is a well designed game with plenty to offer. The game doesn't eat into system resources and is rather light compared to some of the other games in the same genre. Hence, if you are looking for a sci-fi game with plenty of action, set against the backdrop of Milky Way, where you would get to don the role of a hero in trying to save the race, you should definitely go for Star Defender 4.

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