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Fly and fight through a sandstorm through the under siege skyline of Dubai in Spec Ops: The Line, where you fly helicopters and attack your enemies. The premise of the game along with the story line makes the game such a big hit. The story begins when the city of Dubai has been attacked by a sandstorm and there are very few people who haven’t been able to evacuate on time and the US Army Colonel has chosen to stay behind for their protection and help. The squad however, has been sent over to figure out what the problem was.

Spec Ops: The Line has a very linear approach to gaming and the game seems to come apart in places where you feel like despite being the leader of the squad, you are actually following your team mates around. Also the action sequences of Spec Ops: The Line seem very scripted and preset, leading to you feeling that you have played the game before in hundreds of other games. There is not much freedom in the script of the players, and this means that your movements are restricted to the preset movements decided by the creators.

However, where Spec Ops: The Line gains score is the fact that the game has some really difficult decisions to pull off and this means that you will have to resort to some deep thinking and decision making. The graphics of Spec Ops: The Line are very amazing and the sound effects make for a very realistic game play. also the atmosphere of the game is very realistic and the city of Dubai looks very genuine. The game is quite dramatic and makes for a thrilling play for action game lovers. However, the dialogues in Spec Ops: The Line are not very well scripted and are very poor.



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