Soul Sacrifice
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Soul Sacrifice, the latest offering from the creator of Mega Man: Keiji Infuane, vows to be a grim and gothic game with the right amount of oomph added to attract the gamers. The dark world of Soul Sacrifice is dying under the rule of Magusar, the evil sorcerer, and you play the role of the nameless prisoner just awaiting his final moments. A walk through the grim visuals is just fantastic especially if you are the type who loves colors of crimson set against the backdrop of rotting bones and bodies. You find a talking book among the rubble, called as Librom, which plays a formidable part in the game.

So, how does the game progress? Well, each memoir in the diary is a different mission in which you get to kill a group of enemies or their boss, ‘Archfiend’. As a reward for the bloodshed you get endowed with different spells and powers to tackle harder levels or combine the existing ones to produce more powerful ones. The main theme of the game is Sacrifice! Here you have an opportunity to save or spare each enemy you dispatch. The gamers even get to move around like an invisible ghost fighting enemies every now and then.

Soul Sacrifice has managed to woo the gamers. The game has a gothic music which gives it a distinct feel. Overall, the game might give you the feel of those short stories in Lost Odyssey. One of the noteworthy things about the main-menu is that it allows you to check your abilities if you are ready to face your enemy. All this makes Soul Sacrifice a good game worth considering.

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