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Substitute the explosive thrill of combative warfare with the highly tense and exciting game if stealthy snipers. Sniper Ghost Warrior is a first person shooter game that will grip you in its secretive style of gaming.

For some realistic sniper simulation, Sniper Ghost Warrior comes with four dangerous and engaging levels to get through. At the toughest session you have to manage without any aid, just relying on wind and distance. At a lower level, you have help with the aiming. You will be equipped with three weapons, that being the silenced revolver, a knife and also a mighty sniper with a long distance range.

You have to make you way to the lighthouse by silently taking out the guards that you encounter on your way. You have to be as creepy and secretive as possible in order to avoid detection and elimination. This is what gives the game its fame as keeping a low profile is tough and keeps you on the edge. Also, avoid running into an open fire as this will most definitely result in your death.

Sniper Ghost Warrior may seem a little less modern as it may seem like it’s a rip off of an 80’s movie, but that is what makes the game all the more enjoyable and playable. The graphics are great and very realistic. The sound effects are good, although after a certain point you may find the dialogues of the guards of the enemy a little repetitive and boring.

The game gives you a very realistic feel with great the atmosphere. Also, being a very tense game, it keeps you gripped and hooked to the game without you even realizing it. Despite there being only four levels, the settings are changeable from easy to difficult, making the game thrilling and pretty difficult to finish.

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