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Save the Moon is a unique and interesting action game in which the player will have to work his way into a lot of different levels to achieve all of the objectives that are required. The background of the game features a small story that presents the evolution of the Moon, which underwent through a lot of different powerful exploits from the people who mined a lot of minerals from here. All of this mining has destroyed the interior of the Moon, which was filled with holes, and now the satellite completely torn apart because of the gravity of the Earth.

This will affect the Earth, too, with extremely violent nature forces being unleashed because of the lack of a proper Moon. Thus, people need to do something if they do not want the planet getting destroyed by the lack of the satellite. So the people have to go in a difficult mission in space in order to reach for the remains of the Moon and rebuild them in order to protect the planet, too. This will be a hard job, because some factions that currently reside in space do not want this to happen and they want the moon destroyed completely.

The game features 24 achievements for those that want to have more fun while playing and these little things will definitely add up more game play time because some of them are not too easy to be achieved and the player will have to work if he wants a fully complete game. Because of this, the player will have to shoot down a lot of enemies, for example, and also achieve other different activities that are easier or harder but more than all, he will have to bring in back the pieces of the Moon, which is now cracked.

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