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Sanctum 2 is a unique blend of an action-packed first person shooter and the strategic elements of tower defense games. Although, it does not produce much, it vows to be an intense and surprisingly fun multi-player blast fest. Sanctum doesn't have anything called plot and hence, all you really need to know is that alien creatures are trying to destroy the human settlements on a far-off world, and you will have to stop them. The game has some heavily stylized art.

What is so great about the game? Well, with a series of increasingly complex levels with crazy death match arenas, each with one or more enemies spawning everywhere, Sanctum 2 becomes a memorable experience. At the start of each level you are given with a unique weapon –assault rifle, rocket launcher, sniper rifle or a shotgun --and you would get to access a unique ability like double jumping or setting enemies on fire. As you move forward in the game, you would be able to access secondary weapons, other perks and special bonuses like double damage, or instant respawning.

There is more to Sanctum 2. The game boasts of maps of different varieties, and you are most likely to find yourself running around branches of a giant, otherworldly tree or through the corridors of a sci-fi base. The difficulty levels can be increased by activating the five “feats of strength”. The multiplayer gaming mode of Sanctum 2 offers stands out as the best feature in the game. The Quickmatch option will connect you randomly to a game that is already underway, and you can invite your Steam friends to join your game. The game is well crafted and has enough strategy to keep things interesting.

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