Download Red Alert 3 – Command and Conquer

Red Alert games have always been different from the lot. It is a game meant for people who are not afraid to imagine. In the latest version of the game titled Red Alert 3 - Command and Conquer, we come across armored bears, Japanese mecha’s launching an attack and Mount Rushmore serving as a secret military base. It seems that the game designers were given the liberty to imagine anything and everything to come up with something unexpected. This gives rise to some strange and silly scenario’s which in turn spice up the entire game-play.

Red Alert 3 is not a game for serious gamer’s. Instead it is meant for people who do not care much about historical facts and simply wish to fight opponents. Red Alert 3 - Command and Conquer has strange fighters in the form of giant Japanese transforming robots, samurai robots, ninjas, suit clad engineers, leggy lady commandos, armored zeppelins and other such weird troops. Single player games with the computer serving as the opponent can often be very interesting. The game even includes naval fleets, however, most of the vehicles are amphibious.

Well, Red Alert 3 - Command and Conquer is much like the other real-time strategy games. The game is all about piling resources, coming up with buildings, armies, tanks, fleets and upgrading everything to max potential. Multiplayer and skirmish modes are quite elaborate and cut-throat as in most similar games. The game and the story-line are quite good and have been crafted to suit people. As you play along and gather points, you get to access different other features as troops, buildings and special abilities. Hence, the game is a weird type of strategy game, much different from the ones currently available over the net. This is the reason perhaps that playing Red Alert 3 - Command and Conquer is all the more fun.

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