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Ravaged is an online multiplayer shooter which merges vehicular combat with more stylish mechanics. Ravaged is a sunning piece of a first-person shooter. Though its gleam has faded in due course, the high-speed chases and on-foot firefights continue to be the favorites among gamers. The game has a solid foundation and boasts of one of the best online vehicle based carnage. Ravaged is a fun game and it gets all the more exciting if the gamers have a little coordination among themselves while playing as a team.

It is true that the controls of the game feel a bit stiff and flying vehicles is a little too challenging, but as the game progresses, the gamers get used to all these. Weapons like sniper rifle and the rocket launcher require a little bit of skill to fire those long shots. Each match supports up to 32 players, who are divided into the two sides of Resistance and Scavengers. These sides fight one another to capture the bases and lay claim over fuel. The game feels much like The Road Warrior and Mad Max 2.

Ravaged is set on the devastated Earth post apocalypse. The visuals are breathtaking and have been neatly designed. The different styled maps add to the charm of the game. The map houses the Golden Gate Bridge which divides the area down the middle with surrounding ravines. These ravines are a great site for the combat. The sound effects are well crafted and compliment the visuals of the game. In short, Ravaged may not be a notable game in the world of gaming, but shows its potential once you lay hands upon it.

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