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Parasite Strike is a good action game in which the player will have to control an airplane in order to attack the enemies from above. However, even if the plane is up in the sky and the enemy might not seem too powerful down there, they will still pose problems for the airplane and there is an express need for a top pilot that will be able to get through all of the affected areas and bomb the hell out of everything in order to advance to the next level.

It seems like there are aliens down in the forests and in other places like these and the humans cannot go through there in order to risk a confrontation, so they will have to mainly rely on the possibilities that are offered from the airplanes that they still have after the war. This means that the task of the pilots will be really difficult and the one that is controlled by the player will have to go through the harshest lands in order to clear them out. The aliens are bad but they are even worse because they have been infected with a weird parasite found on Earth.

There are a lot of enemies on the way and the airplane will have to do a good job in order to get to the next level. However, thankfully, after each level, the airplane will be the subject to upgrades if the player has enough points to achieve this. There are a lot of different upgrades that can be done in order to have a good airplane that can resist to the attacks of the enemy, but these upgrades will later cost a lot of points so the plane will have to do a really good job in order to take down everyone.

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