Download Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack!

Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack! is a nice arcade game that will allow players to have some fun as they play with the main character of the game and help him escape from the pizzas. It does not seem too clear how did the pizzas manage to get to life and moreover, how were they able to attack people, but it seems that Papa Louie is the first victim. However, he knows that he is probably the only one that will be able to also take down these weird enemies, so he will struggle in order to destroy them and save his life and business.

It will be a pretty hard job, because Papa Louie is not the most agile fighter. However, he surely knows how to handle a knife and this will be his main weapon throughout the game. However, this knife can also be changed to a bigger and better one, because the classic pizza knife will prove that is not enough for such vicious monsters like in this game. Papa Louie will have a good time slicing these pizzas and send them back to where they belong, but he will still have to pay attention as he goes through the levels.

There are quite a few of them and they will become progressively more difficult, meaning that the player will have to work harder and fight tougher in order to kill all of the pizzas. Papa Louie is not alone in this adventure, because he will receive some different advice on the way from fellow fighters that found different tricks to take these pizzas down. However, these pieces of advice should be treated with care because they will prove to be extremely helpful for the player. It seems that Papa Louie might be the owner of the Papa's shops.

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