Download Necrorun 2.0

Necrorun 2.0 is the sequel to the original game in which the player had to take control of the Death itself. It will be a pretty interesting play through as there are some really nice levels along the way. In the first game, the Death did not have too many problems with the people that she had to take into the other world, but this time the things are harder. The Death has been challenged to a duel and she will have to prove that she cannot be defeated, so the player will have a hard time in the game in order to prove that he is the best.

The game has some pale and sometimes dark graphics that are perfect for the theme of this game and the players will greatly appreciate the looks of the game during all of the levels. It will not be too hard to get through the levels, it will actually be pretty interesting, but the player should stick to the guide that is featured in the beginning of the game, otherwise it will be pretty difficult to find a solution to the problems that might arise because of an improper understanding of the game.

There are a lot of enemies on the way to the final boss and some might be more difficult to kill than others. However, for the Death it should not be hard at all to do it, if the player learns the moves that can be done in order to put down every enemy out there. They will be gradually learned but if the player manages to keep them all in mind and then use them to take down the enemies, it would be perfect. There are also a couple of different upgrades that are available for use, even if it might seem odd.

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