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Fighting at a nano metric level is not something too usual, but in this game it will happen because the threat that comes towards the earth is different than anything that was found or ever imagined before. Everyone has heard about alien invasions, for example, but nobody thought about the fact that these aliens might come as nano robots that can destroy everything without being seen by the humans. This is a hard fight that must be battled but people will have a really hard time because such small aliens can even enter the human body and destroy it from inside.

Because of this, the army knows that they must send the Nanobeast on the battlefield and hope for the best. This robot is the greatest wonder of technology that humans managed to create and it is almost indestructible, especially because its small size. It was tested against robots of the same size and he acted perfectly, but this time he will have more dangerous enemies and he will have to beat them all. The game is really interesting as the player is the one that will have to take command of the Nanobeast that will be sent at war.

The aliens will come in swarms and the player will have to take all of them down in order to progress to the next level. This will not be too easy as the levels go on, but the player still has to do a good job in order to advance. And the army is prepared to give the robot upgrades but only after a few levels, because it also takes time to develop such small weapons that will ultimately have a huge force of destruction that is required in a war like this. The game also has nice retro graphics taht are highly enjoyable.

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