Download Madness Clay Destruction

Madness Clay Destruction is a great game that will require some serious skills because the zombie apocalypse has begun and you will need everything that is possible in order to defeat them. There are zombies in every universe, or at least it seems like this, because in this universe every creature that appears is made out of clay and you will have to blast them and transform then into gooey puddles because of the hot lead that will get through them. A couple of bullets should be enough in the beginning, and you should not have problems with this, because the pistol, the main weapon of the game, has infinite ammo.

The game will progress, because you will not be stuck forever in one place - well, you can do this but this will bring your end and you definitely do not want this. So you will have to move, and you will do this as you progress through the levels of the game, there are quite a few but fortunately there is also an upgrade shop available and you will be able to purchase different weapons that will be much better than the classic pistol that is used in the beginning.

Every level will bring the main character of the game closer to the safe house in which he will be able to take a break, but it will take a while until there and the worst fact about the game is that it does not have a pause button, so between the two levels there is no way of stopping the hordes from coming, the only way of doing this is by totally killing them. The graphics of the game are also interesting and they make the atmosphere feel more tensed than with other options, but this is a great fact.

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